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Japanese Language Links

Tangorin - Jpn - Eng / Eng - Jpn Dictionary - My new favourite Japanese dictionary. Lots of example sentences.
POPjisyo.com - Jpn - Eng / Eng - Jpn Dictionary - My favourite Japanese translation site.

Eijiro - Jpn - Eng / Eng - Jpn Dictionary
Google Translation - Translate words, sentences or websites.
Japanese Language Learning
The Language Section of Kids Web Japan - Good basic dialogues with listening, grammar and exercises. The writing is in hiragana, but each phrase is pronounced for you. There are romaji lessons in the "Animated Japanese" and "Quick Japanese" sections.
Genki Online - Hiragana & katakana practice, stroke order, hints to remember, quizzes and lots of other stuff.
Genki Japan! - Learn numbers by rapping and other fun ways to learn simple Japanese. Be sure to try and play the traditional Koto instrument at the bottom of the page.
Teach Yourself Japanese - A complete online Japanese language course. Great for hiragana, katakana, numbers, greetings, grammar, vocabulary and dialogues.
TheJapanesePage.com - Hiragana & Katakana, Kanji, Grammar, Culture, Vocabulary, How to Wow, Videos. Lots of good stuff here.
Basic Japanese Language Course - Comprehensive set of lessons with listening exercises, hiragana-katakana-kanji worksheets and quizzes. Test yourself on the "Vocabulary Trainer" and check out the "Kanji Indexes". The first 3 lessons are free, but then you have to pay for the next 31.
NHK Online - An excellent set of online Japanese lessons with text in romaji brought to you by NHK World Radio Japan. 10-15 minute broadcasted lessons accompany the text.
NSW HSC online: Japanese - Make use of the sample listening, reading, and writing tasks for learning Japanese from this site from Charles Sturt University
Java Kanji Flashcards 500 - Use this set of flashcards for learning the 500 most commonly occurring Japanese kanji.
WebJapanese.com - This site is a little confusing, but check out the Kanji, Listening Exercise, Web Handout (a good hiragana & katakana game), Art Gallery and Photo Dictionary pages. I liked the Photo Dictionary.
Here are a few pages for those of you interested in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT):
The JLPT Study Page
Meguro Language Center