Opihi College

Social Sciences

Social studies is about how societies work and how people can participate in their communities as informed, critical, active, and responsible citizens.

In the social sciences, students learn about people, places, cultures, histories and the economic world, within and beyond New Zealand. They develop understandings about how societies are organised and function and how the ways in which people and communities respond are shaped by different perspectives, values and viewpoints.

Through the Social Sciences, students develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to; better understand, participate in and contribute to the local, national and global communities in which they live and work; engage critically with societal issues; and evaluate the sustainability of alternative social, economic, political and environmental practices.

Students will develop the skills to:

  • Ask questions, gather information and background ideas, and examine relevant current issues;
  • Explore and analyse people’s values and perspectives;
  • Consider the ways in which people make decisions and participate in social action; 
  • Reflect on and evaluate the understandings they have developed and the responses that may be required.

Students will study Social Studies from Years 7-10. From Year 11 upwards the Social Sciences split into History, Geography, Business Studies and Classical Studies.

Career Opportunities: Social Sciences open doors into careers such as Economist, Statistician, Lawyer, Sociologist, Criminologist, Archaeologist, Historian, Geographer, Geophysicist, Weather Forecaster, Journalist, Diplomat, Social Worker, Teacher, Policy Analyst, Market Researcher, Geologist and many more.

Teacher Contacts

Rachael Queree                                                       HOF, TiC History, Classical Studies, Social Studies  

Simon Goodman                                                       TiC Geography