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Students studying food technology gain insights into food science, nutrition, and the technological processes involved in food production. They learn about food safety, quality control, and the impact of various processing techniques on the nutritional content of foods.

If you're a food lover this is the class for you! You might learn to Bake a cake as fast as you can, or prepare Kai on demand. Do you want to be Well preserved or All wrapped up? Show me the dough because I'm Money Hungry! Or how about a Snack attack with Pukka Tukka...

At senior level your are building on what you learned in year 7-10. As you gain your senior level credits, we can tailor a course to suit the needs of each student. The focus of this course is to prepare students for a food and hospitality industry career. Students may also opt for Achievement Standards inTechnology and Home Economics curriculum.

Future learning and careers with
Technology - Food
  • Chef/Cook
  • Dietician
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Supermarket Manager
  • Barista
  • Food Industry Worker

I so love the role which I have as a teacher of Food Technology and Hospitality. When I see my students working independently to produce their work and then proudly sharing it with others - it gives me so much satisfaction.

Bernie Rose
Technology - Food
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Technology - Food



All aspects of practical learning.

Recently renovated and cleverly designed to maximise a light and airy indoor/outdoor balance, our Technology buildings share open air patio spaces between the purpose designed classrooms.

Technology - Food

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