Learning science is not just about acquiring facts; it's about developing a scientific mindset,cultivating curiosity, and gaining the skills necessary for informed citizenship and potential careers in the sciences. Students engage in hands-on laboratory experiments, honing their skills in scientific inquiry, observation, and critical analysis.

Within your topics during year 7 and year 8, you'll Rock your World on the Green Planet with a Science Circus, experience a Rocket Challenge and Murder Mystery! Will you gain your Passport to Science? Explore the wonder of water, outer space and life on Earth with Science extraordinaires: Miss Smith, Mrs. Robson and Miss Wingham.

Want to know some dumb ways to die? Or what it was like to walk with dinosaurs? Enjoy some tastes of different types of science at this level. Maybe you'd like to be a mad scientist or find out how the human machine works? All will be revealed...

This course will cover a range of topics for senior students to get a broad foundation of science.  This will include chosen paths of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth/Space Science.

Future learning and careers with
  • Medical Professional
  • Pharmacist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Engineer (Various Disciplines)
  • Lab Technician
  • Farmer/ Ag Scientist

I love teaching our kids to be critical thinkers and apply science to the real world - it is so interesting and relevant in all of our lives! Human biology is my favourite because it's fascinating to understand what's going on inside our bodies and new discoveries are made all the time.

Jessica Smith
Where we teach


Purpose built laboratories and learning spaces

In Taiao block, Science thrives! In these new sustainable facilities, sunlight streams into the classes illuminating our learning about the natural world. Taiao block is named for the natural environment that contains and surrounds us.


Events & Activites

  • Y13 Biology annual trip to Marine Studies Centre, Portobello
  • Rocky Shore - Y12 Biology class annually, 7/8 Science classes bi-annually
  • Epro8 competitions annually - also visit Winchester Primary School with Epro8
  • Science Roadshow annually
  • Wonder Project Rocket Challenge with 7/8 Science classes bi-annually
  • Y12/13 General Science geological tour of South Canterbury
  • Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy (OUASSA) and Hands On at Otago camps for Y13 students
  • University of Otago Marine Science outreach and extension programs
  • South Canterbury Museum (past examples: Colossal Squid temporary exhibit with 9/10 Into the Deep class, 9/10 Pirates of the Caribbean class looking at sea voyages and navigation)
  • Te Ana Māori Rock Art Centre with 9/10 Superhuman class
  • Alpine Fault Magnitude 8 (AF8) Roadshow

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