In addition to literature and language studies, English studies may integrate media literacy, enabling students to analyse and understand various forms of communication in a digital age. Through class discussions, presentations, and collaborative projects, students develop effective communication skills and cultural awareness.

Get excited about your English class! Check out some of these topics : War, yeah - What is it good for? Film club; Unsolved case files; He said what?; Graphic novels – Art or nonsense?; Monsters or misunderstood? The end of the world as we know it; Yeehaw! Ancient Aliens...

Build on what you have learned from years 7 - 10. You will move into your Making Meaning and Creating Meaning strands and you'll write in a range of styles; read and respond to written and visual texts; create a visual text and deliver a speech to gain both internal and external credits.

Future learning and careers with
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Administration Roles
  • Copywriting
  • Blogger
  • Signwriter
  • Writer/Editor
  • Library/Archive Worker
  • Journalist

As so well said by Marcus Aurelius, “Our life is what our thoughts make it”. English is not just about reading and writing but a deep-thinking skill needed to analyse and understand the world around us. At Opihi we want to engage students to be passionate about the content we teach.

Rachael Mortimer
Where we teach


Let our spirit bird guide you on your path to knowledge.

The Kōtuku learning area is named for the White Heron - a beautiful and rare bird endemic to our boundary rivers. A brand new facility that houses our Whare, Humanities, and our Year 7/8 Integrated hub.


Events & Activites


As a cornerstone of secondary education, students will embark on a number of field trips with their classmates throughout their time at Opihi College, but can also participate in competitions such as Vocabulary Competition, Spelling-bees, creative writing competitions, debate competitions and more.

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