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Within the Kōtuku block, we have our Year 7/8 homerooms. Here, these junior classes participate in Integrated Social Studies and English for 9 hours each week.

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Integrated Studies

I teach Year 7 & 8 Integrated Studies, which is English and Social Sciences combined, for 9 hours a week. In this subject we explore events from the past and present and learn how people and cultures connect. Through engaging discussions, thought-provoking readings, and interactive projects, students’ curiosity is ignited, transforming learning into an adventure of discovery.

Kate Manson
Integrated Studies
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Integrated Studies


Let our spirit bird guide you on your path to knowledge.

The Kōtuku learning area is named for the White Heron - a beautiful and rare bird endemic to our boundary rivers. A brand new facility that houses our Whare, Humanities, and our Year 7/8 Integrated hub.

Integrated Studies

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